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Valvelink was established in the early 2000s to service the growing need for a specialised business that understood local conditions and requirements that could deliver both quality engineering products and professional advice and understanding.

Valvelink’s product portfolio provides any industry or organisation needing to transfer product through pipelines/batching or fluid handling with superior quality and price competitiveness. Whether it be a manual valve or an automated (actuated) valve, control valve / regulator, or simply just pipe line fittings: Valvelink has an answer.

Through Valvelink’s extensive contacts and local & international manufacturers and suppliers, the company can supply an extensive range of quality valves, fittings and associated engineering supplies.


Valvelink’s qualified team of sales and service consultants have a background in an extensive range of engineering-based industries including petrochemical, process engineering, fuel and chemical manufacturing and distribution, irrigation and heavy & light industry. It is this experience that makes the difference when you deal with Valvelink.

Valvelink offers a well stocked warehouse, in-house service and maintenance workshop and a mobile fleet of maintenance technicians. Valvelink’s willingness to come to you or to your problem at hand , is just one of our defining characteristics.

About Valvelink
About Valvelink


Whilst we specialise in fields including the petrochemical, mining and the process control industries, we are just as at home in the plumbing, irrigation and manufacturing industries. Valvelink’s range of quality certified valves assures the end user that the supplied valve will be the same every time. Quality certified valves are complete with material test certificates and heat tracing serial numbers stamped in the bodies.

Valvelink is strategically located in Penrith (Western Sydney) , central to all of NSW’s industrial hubs & ports – Newcastle/Wollongong/Central West. Valvelink’s factory is fully equipped with drill presses, lathes and welding bays, which makes tailoring fabrications to customer requirements easier and more cost effective. All work is undertaken in-house by our trained & qualified technicians.

In September 2008 Valvelink Pty Ltd was appointed the NSW representative for Kempe Engineering Group, further strengthening Valvelink’s market position. The ability to go to the market and offer both valve and actuator packages from brands such as Mars & K-Torc, already established with proven reliability and quality, bolstered Valvelink’s position in the industry.

Valvelink is also an exclusive agent for Macnaught Flow Meters, Grease & Lubrication products, Refuelling products and systems. Also an exclusive supplier of Tubepress (316L Triple press), Impress (316L Double press) & Express (304L Double press) Stainless Steel press-fit tubing systems.

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