Dry Breaks

Valvelink has been an authorised agent for global dry break manufacturer Dixon / Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings since the early 2000s. Dixon/Mann Tek are the preferred choice by leading engineers and industrial organisations for the process and transfer of liquids, chemicals and gases – significantly where spills can be both costly and hazardous.

The self-sealing design of the Dry Disconnect Couplings guarantees both the highest level of safety and the quickest and safest method of connecting and disconnecting pipes and hoses.

Mann Teknik AB, a Swedish company, produces and markets hi-quality products for safe and environmentally friendly handling of aggressive fluids for the chemical and petrochemical industries. The main product is the Dry Disconnect Couplings, DDCouplings®, for spill free liquid handling.

Dry Disconnect Couplings are available in sizes from 1″ to 8″. Bodies are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal, Brass and with a wide and varied range of Elastomer Seals to suit the product being conveyed.

Dry Disconnect Couplings can be found in an extensive range of industrial and domestic applications such as handling toxic chemicals, gases and fuels through to transferring clean water. Typical applications include (but are not limited to) railcars, ship to shore, tank trucks, chemical plants, food industry and off shore vessel refuelling to name a few examples.

This is due to the wide range of materials, connections and sealing types available from Mann Tek’s extensive product categories. Dry Disconnect Couplings are flexible enough to suit most applications, compliant to NATO STANAG 3756.

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