Ball Valves

Ball Valves

Valvelink is a proud distributor of the Mars ball valve range. It is a quality certified product with certification such as API 607 Fire safe / AGA approved / CE 035 / TA-Luft / EX ll 3 GD ATEX 94/9/EC.

The Mars range is offered in both Carbon steel and 316SS, ranging from the great quality general industry 1, 2 & 3pc valves, right through to the high performance 3pc screwed (BSP / NPT) and flanged valves ANSI 150 & 300#.vv

With the “Direct Mount” ball valves in both the screwed & flanged ranges; a perfect solution for actuator adaptation, quick and simple utilising our star adaptors. Mars offers a wide choice of soft seats & metal seats for a variety of industry applications - PTFE / RTFE / 25% Carbon Filled PTFE / 50% Stainless steel PTFE / Delrin for high pressure & Peek for high temperature.

The multi-port Mars 3 way valves offer 3, 4 & 5 seat designs giving positive seating on all ports also offered in “Direct Mount”. Other valve accessories in the Mars range include the V-notched balls, fitted in the Series 88 / 90D / 99 ball valves, fitted with actuators & positioners they make a cheaper alternative to the expensive control type valves.

Mars also offer a “Deadman” handle in the form of spring-loaded handle, for a manual self-closing valve to avoid human error and spills. Mars have multiple variations on their standard product lines, so if you have specific requirements be sure to call Valvelink, we cater to our Clients & Customers’ needs & requirements. Our recommendation is Mars but if you have other branded valves we can certainly help source these or guide you in the right direction.

Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

Valvelink can supply a wide range of OCV Control Valves to suit the Fire Protection, Irrigation, Industrial, Petroleum and Aviation sectors. OCV Control Valves are Hydraulically Operated, Diaphragm Actuated Globe or Angle Valves that operate automatically from either line pressure or an independent power source. Internal moving parts are minimal and all valves can be adjusted and serviced in situ, no removal from the pipeline is necessary.
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Valvelink feature the following Butterfly valves as a preferred quality offering:

HP Butterfly valves

  • Mars Series 700 Direct Mount Double Offset High Performance 316SS Butterfly valves 2" (50mm) - 12" (300mm)
  • Value Cast Iron Butterfly valves: VF-730 General Purpose Wafer style 2" (50mm) - 12" (300mm) readily available. Sizes up to 48" (1200mm) are available from the factory on short lead times.
  • Coreline Quality butterfly rubber seated valves offer proven superior performance in a range of applications and operating environment.

Should you require an alternate brand or style of butterfly valve, Valvelink can assist in sourcing this or an equivalent butterfly or gate valve. Whilst Valvelink is not a contracted agent for these above brands, we guarantee the quality and reliability of the manufacturers. We can also supply products from alternate and well-known brands such as Ebro. If required, Valvelink can manage the fabrication of extension spindles for butterfly valves in the materials you require: from gear operation to simply the lever and notch plate.

For further information or professional advice, feel free to contact a trained and qualified Valvelink consultant.

Jordan Control Valves

Jordan Control Valves

Jordan Regulating and Control Valves are represented by Valvelink due to their products’ superior design technology, ability to be modified in situ and additional benefits in comparison to similar level valves.

Jordan’s unique ‘Sliding Gate’, as opposed to the traditional ‘Globe Style’ set up within, is a simple concept that offers sophisticated performance and benefits not found in traditional rising stem and rotary valves. The sliding gate is made up of two primary parts: a moveable disc and a stationary plate with multiple orifices. Together, this seat achieves levels of performance, reliability and accuracy that is difficult to find in other valve designs.

The basic concept is that the plate and gate sit perpendicular to the flow, unlike the traditional globe style design. The straight through design of the sliding gate and plate reduces turbulence and provides superior trim life. A well as providing unparalleled low flow control since the flow works with the design, not against it. It also offers a much shorter stroke length, only a fraction of the equivalent globe or rotary style valves thus reducing the droop in the regulator.

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